Dimitris Virtsionis and Antigoni Leakou are both designers and jewelry-makers. They bring together their creative ideas and crafting skills in order to produce unique artifacts based on their own designs. In 2012 they set up a workshop in order to house their individual brands – ‘Dimitris Virtsionis Jewelry’ and ‘Alanima’, respectively – under the same roof. Soon after they joined forces, creating ‘Oh my pebble’, a brand dedicated to jewelry made primarily with sea-pebbles, a material they both love.

They aspire to offer innovative jewelry designs of high quality, albeit affordable at the same time. They approach with the same respect all of the raw materials they use, valuable or not, creating unique jewelry with a special character. Their creations vary from sophisticated timeless designs to refreshing funky jewelry, always with a contemporary twist.


Alanima was founded in 2008 by the artist Laura Perez-Ortega and the art restorator Antigoni Leakou. They shared their passion for unexpected color combinations and unconventional forms designing unique diverse jewelry. Alanima’s vibrant colors and abstract figures give prominence to your playful mood. Threads, wire and fabric materialize our ideas.

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Pebbles become the raw material in the creation of unique statement jewelry and silver captures a bit of the simplicity and the perfection of nature as sculpted by the waves. The sea stones are tenderly handpicked one by one from Greek beaches and then transformed to carefully handcrafted and conceptually designed jewelry.

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The aesthetic simplicity of clear, geometrical lines meets with imaginative design leading to timeless jewelry with a contemporary perspective. Dimitris Virtsionis designs elegant minimal statement pieces that surpass the transience of trends. Gold and silver discourses with pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, while enamel offers transparency and opacity creating a visual effect with depth and volume illusion.

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